Suspending Internet Proved Difficult For Family, NBC 5 Responds

There was construction going on at the Vega family home, so much work was going on they had to move out for a bit.

The Vega’s decided to stop paying for cable and internet while they were in a hotel. They called AT&T asking to cancel their service.

AT&T suggested suspending the account, instead of canceling, to make the process easier to start it back up.

The Vega’s agreed but kept getting bills.

They tell us they would call each month, get an apology, be told it would get handled… but the bills kept coming.

Eventually the account was mysteriously canceled altogether.

The Vegas said they spent hours trying to get someone to help sort it out.

They called NBC 5 Responds and after the Consumer Investigative Center reached out, AT&T gave them a zero balance and reinstated the account.

Mistakes happen and when it comes to things like cable, internet, and phone service, accounts can be coded incorrectly very easily.

Supervisors and managers can usually help but many companies also have special teams dedicated to solving problems when customer service doesn’t come through.

Ask the operator if any such department exists and if you can have their contact information.

If that doesn’t work you always have us. Just call NBC 5 Responds and we’ll do our best to help point you in the right direction.

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