Suspects in Lower Greenville Murder Confessed Same Day Cowboys Player Spoke to Police

The arrest affidavit cites a "witness who will not be named" in helping identify shooters

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An arrest affidavit shows two men charged with murder confessed to Dallas Police the same day Dallas Cowboys player Kelvin Joseph spoke to homicide detectives.

Both suspects are in jail for the shooting that killed 20-year-old Cameron Ray.

Dallas Police said its investigation, including any criminal responsibility Joseph may face, is not over.

According to an arrest affidavit released Monday, 28-year-old Aries Jones and 21-year-old Tivione English, both from Baton Rouge, surrendered to police Friday and admitted to firing from a black SUV outside a Lower Greenville bar.

At least one shot on March 18 struck Ray in the head, killing him.

According to detectives, a group that Ray was a part of got into a fight with a group that included Jones and English outside the OT Tavern in the 3600 block of Greenville Avenue.

Joseph’s attorney Barry Sorrels told our reporting partner The Dallas Morning News on Friday that Joseph admitted to being in the SUV but did not shoot.

The arrest affidavit released Monday said “a witness who will not be named at this time” said both Jones and English were the shooters.

Joseph was identified at the bar only after Dallas Police released a surveillance video last week asking for help from the public in solving the case.

It now raises the possibility that Joseph may have gone four weeks without contacting police about his knowledge of the shooting, which the department confirmed to NBC 5 is not a completed case.

“As the investigation continues, the possibility of criminal charges for Mr. Kelvin Joseph exist should probable cause be established that he committed an applicable crime,” Dallas Police Executive Assistant Chief Albert Martinez said.

Meanwhile, the city of Dallas said it is prepared to file a lawsuit over an increasing number of criminal incidents reported at or near both OT Tavern and the neighboring Bar 3606.

A Dallas assistant city attorney sent a letter to the California-based property owners for both businesses citing “repeated occurrences of abatable criminal activity” near the location since 2018, including two aggravated assaults, a sexual assault, discharge of a firearm and the murder of Cameron Ray on last month. 

Four of the seven listed offenses in the letter took place on or after March 13.

Darren Dattalo is the crime watch coordinator for the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association. He said in 18 years with LGNA he said the recent weeks have been among the most challenging for the area.

“This is not the first time we’ve had bullets come through windows of residential property from actions taking place at these two bars,” Dattalo said. “It just gets worse every year.”

The letter from the city also states it plans to oppose any application from Bar 3606 to renew its TABC permit.

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