North Texas

Suspected Serial Killer Was in North Texas This Month

Man killed in West Virginia got speeding ticket in Benbrook

A man killed 11 days ago by a West Virginia sex worker and suspected in as many as 10 murders got a speeding ticket in Benbrook two weeks earlier, authorities say.

Neal Falls, 45, was killed in Charleston, West Virginia on July 18 at the home of a prostitute he had met online, police said.

Police said Falls confronted a prostitute in Charleston with a gun. The woman grabbed a rake and hit him with it, and according to news reports, he dropped his gun and she shot and killed him.

Officers later found a "kill kit" in his car, including handcuffs, axes, bleach and a shovel.

Falls could be linked to the disappearances or murders of four prostitutes in Las Vegas and six others in Ohio, police said.

Benbrook police officer Sandy Eubanks said Falls received a speeding ticket on Benbrook

Boulevard at about 8 a.m. on July 7. He was cited for driving 64 mph in a 45 mph zone.

"That was the only contact that we have on record with Mr. Falls," Officer Michael Mullinax told NBCDFW. "We believe he was just passing through."

Benbrook police reached out to other law enforcement agencies to ask about any crimes Falls may have committed in North Texas, but so far investigators have found nothing to link him to any missing women.

The Texas Rangers are investigating as well, the agency confirmed Tuesday.

Given the information police now know, Benbrook police said they are grateful their officer was not harmed during the "routine" traffic stop.

"Definitely. We never know at any given time who we're walking up on," Mullinax said. "And in this particular case it is very unnerving."

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