Suspected Gunman Claims to Secede, Establish Country of Dougiestan in 911 Call

Police continue to investigate the man suspected of shooting at first responders Monday in North Dallas, and in a 911 call the man indicated a desire to start his own country.

Douglas Leguin faces seven counts of aggravated assault on a public servant after he allegedly fired several rounds at firefighters as they responded to a dumpster fire near Frankford Road and North Forty Place.

Leguin then went into a nearby wooded area, where he stayed until surrendering to police tactical officers.

In an audio recording released Tuesday of a 911 call Leguin placed from the scene, he is overheard telling the dispatcher he wanted to secede.

"I'm Dougie Doug and I just seceded from the nation," the caller said. "I've seceded from the nation. This is now Dougiestan right here."

"I'm pissed off at America. America is broke. It's got a sorry government, and the people won't vote," the caller continued.

Also on Monday, Corinth police got a call from Leguin's wife, saying an AK-47 and ammunition were missing from the couple's Denton County home.

"She then starts conducting some more inventory of the house, so to speak, and she noticed that in the garage all the propane cylinders and canisters had been removed as well," said Corinth Assistant Police Chief Greg Wilkerson.

Bomb squad investigators located several suspicious devices allegedly left behind at the scene where Leguin was arrested, including what appeared to be propane tanks. Those devices were detonated and rendered safe, police said.

Leguin remains in jail Tuesday, but Tuesday morning a flag outside of his Denton County house was upside-down, a move which traditionally is done to signal distress. By afternoon, it was turned right side up.

"I looked at that flag before, and I don't remember it being upside-down. Certainly it is today," said Randy Watkins, whose daughter lives directly across the street from the home.

People who live in Leguin's neighborhood were shocked to find out he is accused of shooting at police officers and firefighters.

"He is very grandparent-like. Passive, soft spoken," said neighbor Tosha Price.

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