Fort Worth

Police Release Images of Suspect in Molotov Cocktail Fires at Mall

Police have released photos of a man they said is responsible for setting fire to two molotov cocktails in Fort Worth's Hulen Mall.

Officials said at about 2:30 p.m. Friday a man threw one lit Molotov cocktail at a clothing rack in the men's clothing department at Dillard's and then again in the men's department at Sears. [[482453321, R]]

The fire was put out by employees and there were no injuries reported.

Arson investigators were at the scene hoping to identify the man on surveillance video. They did use that video to track the man's movements through the mall and believe they captured an image of a vehicle they believe the suspect used to leave the mall.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Friday, a large group of Fort Worth Police officers, along with FBI, ATF and Homeland Security suited up to head inside the mall. Fort Worth Fire Spokesman Lt. Kyle Faulkner said they were taking extra precautions to sweep for any other weapons, or any sign of the suspect.

"We asked for really, essentially more bodies here to help us cover every inch of the area of the mall that we were able to track this person's movements, to make absolutely sure there's no other bottles of the type that were left before," Lt. Faulkner said. "Trying to do due diligence and go through and sweep every inch."

Faulkner also said crews have tested the liquid in the Molotov cocktails and while they won't go into detail on what it is, they say there's no reason to think it released anything toxic into the air.

Hulen Mall remained open throughout the incident and opened as normal on Saturday.

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