Fort Worth

Suspect Arrested in Alleged Child Predator Case

Fort Worth police arrested a suspected child predator Friday and charged him in connection to offering $100 to at least four boys for sexual favors.

Declois Beacham, 33, surrendered to officers who charged him with two counts of compelling prostitution – child under 18 years.

“We verified his identity with the victims that we knew at the time. They positively did ID him as the same individual who tried to lure them, and actually lured one into his vehicle,” said Detective Chris Daniels at a news conference Friday.

In three separate incidents – from December to mid-January – four boys, ranging in age from 10 to 17, told detectives that a light-skinned black man in his 30s and driving a four-door BMW approached them and offered $100. In two of the incidents, the victims told police the man specifically asked for sexual favors in exchange for the money.

In the most recent incident, on Jan. 12, at an apartment complex along East Rosedale near Loop 820, the suspect reportedly drove up to two boys and offered them each money, according to police.

One boy agreed and got in the man’s car, who then drove off, police said.

The 11-year-old boy initially told police the man had paid him $100 to perform a sex act on him, according to the arrest warrant. That boy later changed his account, saying that he hit the man, took the money and ran away, police said.

Beacham is also known as Tre Garrett, and he serves as the artistic director of Fort Worth’s Jubilee Theatre under that name.

The theater’s board of directors released a statement to NBC 5 on Friday.

“We know only what we’ve seen and heard in the news, and cannot make any comment on the allegations against Tre Garrett,” the board said.

“We have known Tre for three years, and have not seen any indication he would participate in the kind of behavior he is accused of,” the board added.

The criminal investigation continues, but the lead detective handling the case told NBC 5 Beacham’s criminal activities have no connection to the theater.

“There has been no indication at this time that he victimized any child within the scope of his employment,” Detective Daniels said.

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