Survivor: Tornado Turned Out to Be Blessing

Woman who rode out storm in recliner says her life is better now than before devastation

A Kennedale woman who was in her mobile home when a tornado ripped it apart last month says the storm was a huge blessing.

Roberta Minnona said she has no doubt how she ended up in her new Haltom City home.

"We have better now than we had when the tornado hit, and that's God," Minnona said.

The outbreak of tornadoes April 3 destroyed the mobile home where she and her husband lived. Minnona was inside at the time, unable to seek shelter because she was recovering from knee surgery.

The chair she was sitting in was thrown 75 feet from her home's foundation but, amazingly, she survived.

Today, she and her husband are renting a small house on a quiet street.

Minnona has been going to counseling to deal with the traumatic effects of riding out the storm and losing a lifetime of memories, including a ring she used to wear on her right hand.

"That was the last ring I had of my mom's, and it's been hard, but it's OK," she said.

Minnona said she is thankful for the fresh start and her house full of donated items.

"They were able to find a couple of my crosses, of course, my Bibles, but everything else, people have given to us out of the kindness of their hearts," she said.

In spite of all she's lost, she would go through it all again to arrive at this point in her life, she said.

"It's just been overwhelming," Minnona said. "People have just been so amazing and so good."

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