Surveillance Video Catches Vandals Tearing Down Veteran's American Flag

Plano man would like to teach vandals meaning of flag

A Navy veteran from Plano wants to find the three young men who tore down the American flag in his front yard to teach them a lesson about what the flag means.

Larry Lorance said it happened early Friday morning at about 12:30 am.

"Being a Vietnam veteran, that really upsets me," he said.

The vandals were caught on a surveillance camera he recently installed on his roof. The video shows what appear to be three teenagers tearing down the flag, along with the metal sculpture on which it was mounted.

Lorance posted the surveillance video on YouTube but hasn't called the police, saying they have more important crimes to solve.

But he said he would like to find the teens.

"I want them to repair the damage, and I'd really like them to sit down and talk to veterans and say, 'Here's what I did. What do you think of it?'" he said.

"The flag should mean something to everybody -- everybody that enjoys freedom," he said. "Here we are, three weeks from Veterans Day, and the flag should mean something to everyone, not just veterans."

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