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Supreme Court Justice Catches University Park Barber by Surprise

Lovers Lane Barbers opened its doors in 1938, and while it's popular among regulars, United States Supreme Court justices are not frequent patrons.

Two weeks ago, Justice Antonin Scalia was on a low key visit in Dallas. In 2013, he made several appearances at Southern Methodist University.

During some free time, Scalia stopped by Lovers Lane Barbers, and it caught Ivan Havins by surprise.

"He had quite a bit of hair. Well, he didn't have that much on top, but he had a lot in the back and in the sides," said Havins. "I was honestly just trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do with his hair."

Havins said before Scalia's arrival, the Supreme Court judge's security detail swept the area.

"He flaps his badge and says, 'I'm a United States marshal. I'm looking for Ivan,'" Havins said. "I just froze and I wanted to go out the back door."

Havins said the haircut took 30 minutes.

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