Support for Community Pours Into Midland-Odessa

As the investigation into a mass shooting that left seven dead and more than 20 injured begins to wrap up, people from around the state are sending support to Midland-Odessa.

Around lunchtime Monday, several car loads of hot meals arrived at the Odessa Police Department, while cases of bottled water and snacks began to pile up in the lobby.

"It shows that we appreciate what they do for us, I hope," Naomi Espinoza said.

Espinoza was one of several volunteers from Jerusalem Baptist Church to give up part of her Labor Day to cook and deliver meals around the county.

"We've made enchiladas, rice and beans, salad and dessert," Espinoza said.

She said it's the second round of food they've made for first responders this weekend, adding it's the least they could do for the men and women who rushed into danger to save others.

"It said a lot about how they care for each and every one no matter what race, what age. They're out there for each and every one of us," Espinoza said.

At Music City Mall, just two days after it went on lockdown during the shooting spree, Lutheran Church Charities welcomed mall staff and shoppers with dogs from all over the state.

"What we do with the dogs is to take them to people who are suffering, who are having difficulty with their emotions and just present the dogs who love them immediately, unconditionally and allow them to express their emotions," Southwest Regional Coordinator Janice Marut said.

Marut said Tuesday morning they'll take the comfort dogs to an elementary school, where students are nervous to return.

The group will stay in town as long as it's needed. Last month in El Paso, they stayed for two weeks.

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