Superfan Gets Tattoos of Cowboys Players, Garrett, Jerry

It isn't the way people typically prepare for playoffs.

But Raymond "Cowboy" Ortiz isn't your typical fan.

“Win or lose, I'm a Cowboys fan,” he said.

Ortiz, 41, was born and raised in Dallas. He says his parents have also been life-long fans.

Tattoos are his way of getting game-day ready.

“It’s permanent, just like the lifestyle that I live is permanent,” he said.

He’s had Tom Landry painted on the hood of his truck, and he’s even named his kids after the Cowboys. His sons are Dallas Cowboys, Cowboy Landry and Star.

Ortiz even inked Zeke and Dak on his chest earlier this season.

In December, he added a portrait of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the signature of Drew Pearson.

Last week, he added another familiar face to his body of work – a tattoo of head coach Jason Garrett.

Ortiz says it’s kind of like a football game.

“At the end of the night when we're finished, it’s victory. I got Jason Garrett,” he said.

The five-hour process was shared on with more than 5,000 followers on Facebook live.

The point, Ortiz says, is it keeps Cowboys nation buzzing.

“You got your bandwagon, you got your cowboys fans, you got your diehard fans that are lifers,” he said.

Ortiz is clearly in the latter category.

His only hope now is to add one more tattoo come February: Super Bowl 51 Champions.

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