Super Shocked: Frisco Pools Reopen

Good news for Collin County, Frisco swimming pools got the "all clear" to reopen Wednesday.

Several swimming pools in the city of Frisco were abruptly closed Tuesday when a child became ill during swim lessons.

It's not clear what illness the child was suffering, but as a precaution -- and partially in reaction to last year's crypto outbreak-- all the city's pools were closed and super-chlorinated.

"In order to provide a safe and sanitary environment for members and guests, we decided to super chlorinate the swimming pools and it takes time for the chemicals to treat the contaminants and return to a safe level," said Steve Walsh, recreation facilities manager for the City of Frisco.

Parks and Recreation employees urge everyone to wash their hands before getting into the water and don't change diapers near the pool. Children with dirty diapers shouldn't swim in pools.

And as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, the City of Frisco is urging everyone who is sick to stay home and not go to the pool.

Last year, the parasitic waterborne disease cryptosporidiosis, sickened dozens of North Texans and shut down several public pools and splash pads.

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