Super Saturday Surge Expected to Rival Black Friday Crowds

Super Saturday targets last-minute shoppers

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It’s Super Saturday, and the holiday rush is in full swing, as North Texans hit the stores to snap up holiday deals and take advantage of extended hours.

Super Saturday targets last-minute shoppers, who hit the malls and the computer for online Christmas presents.

According to the National Retail Federation’s new survey, about 147.8 million people planned to shop Saturday.

“This is good, quality time. We all have our Christmas PJs on. We’re filled with the Christmas spirit right now,” shopper Tangela Beasley said.

At Historic Downtown Grapevine, Chuck Bultmann was dressed as Santa and welcomed crowds into his family-owned shop “Good Things for All Seasons.”

“This is good for business. Everybody’s happy and the stores are all busy and the customers are all spending money,” Bultmann said.

Shopper Larry Hahn said he waits until the last minute, but he’s doing better this year.

“My family and I were also up here yesterday, so I bought a few things behind my wife’s back,” Hahn said.

Experts said men and younger consumers continue to be the biggest procrastinators and were expected to turn out in force on Super Saturday.

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