Super Bowl Rentals Could Become Brothels, Group Says

Homeowners looking to make extra money by renting out their home during the Super Bowl could get more than they counted on.

An advocate with New Friends New Life, a faith-based nonprofit that counsels women who want to leave sexually oriented businesses, says people paying large amounts of money could want the home for a brothel.

"Whether it's the World Cup or the Super Bowl in Miami last year, we know this is exactly what is happening," Katie Pedigo said. "It happens time and time again."

No statistics were available on how many brothels operate out of rented private homes during major sporting events.

Real estate agents say homeowners should be wary of big-money offers for private-home rentals.

"Take a lease application, do background checks, know what you're getting yourself into and don't just jump on the money," RE/MAX broker Tom Branch said.

He said that anyone thinking about renting out their home during Super Bowl festivities should consult an attorney and get a large deposit up front.

"They could totally tear up a house in (a) week depending on what kind of party they were to have there," Branch said. "The repairs could cost you much more then you collect."

Pedigo said last month that she estimates that 15,000 prostitutes will come to North Texas for the Super Bowl, many of them against their will.

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