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Sunday Marks Full Week Without Running Water for Some in West Fort Worth

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There have been no showers, flushing toilets or washing the dishes for some west Fort Worth residents for seven days.

“Yesterday, to be real honest, I cried. I went into a depression mood. I just started crying,” said Delene Johnson, who lives in the neighborhood.

As a home health care worker, Johnson said it’s been getting progressively harder to leave work and come home each day to a place without necessities.

Though power was restored Thursday, she said there has been no communication about why their faucets still won't run.

A water distribution site set up at a church next door has become residents' only means to stay hydrated.

“I take medication, and I need the water for my medication,” her brother Malachi Crump said.

They believe dozens in their apartment complex, the Bellevue Chase Apartments, have been impacted.

“Hey, we're in the great state of Texas, and here we are suffering. This is seven days without any running water, and it's getting out of hand," Crump said. "No one has come and said, 'The water will be on tomorrow or the water will be on in 30 minutes or the water will be on later on tonight.'"

According to the city of Fort Worth, the outage is due to water being turned off at the complex rather than a main break.

NBCDFW reached out to the Bellevue Chase Apartments but didn't receive a response.

Since last Sunday, the city has confirmed more than 520 water main breaks and was investigating close to 300 more.

By comparison, there were 600 in all of 2020.

With crews working around the clock, they've managed to repair a little over half of those identified.

But a spokesperson said though warming temperatures helped, it would take days to get everyone's water restored.

“I'm real devastated with all this. It's come to be real depressing,” Johnson said.

Stay up to date on City of Fort Worth water main breaks with an interactive map.

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