Collin County

Summer Camp in Collin County for Kids With Cochlear Implants

Summer camp is a time many never forget.

In Collin County, dozens of deaf children are developing skills to last a lifetime.

Forty-five kids are taking part in summer listening camp in Parker this week.

The children are between the ages of four and eleven.

They all now wear cochlear implants to be able to hear.

"It helped me hear, so I can hear everybody and talk,” said 10-year-old Addison Smith.

"I think the hardest thing for me to do is when there are people overlapping talking, I can't hear what they're saying and it's really frustrating,” said 10-year-old Camille Grellner.

The camp is aimed at helping improve language and listening skills through activities, arts and crafts and music.

“Music in our culture is really important and other kids, they love music. They like to be able to go to concerts, sing along with their friends, and so that's something else that we feel is really important for them to develop those skills,” said Melissa Sweeney, a speech language pathologist at UT Dallas.

The Callier Center for Communication Disorders at UT Dallas has hosted the camp for the past 21 years.

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