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Subway to deliver sandwiches by drone in Dallas, elsewhere, for World UFO Day

Subway is celebrating World UFO Day in a very big way by launching UFOs of their own in selected cities across the country


Some Subway sandwich shops are taking flight for World UFO Day, using drones to deliver footlong subs to their most active MVP Rewards members.

Subway drones will launch in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando, carrying special deliveries of Subway's new Footlong Dippers, Footlong Cookies, and Footlong Subs.

You could still be eligible for deals if you are not located in these areas. Subway said super fans in other locations will receive the Ultimate Footlong Offering. The offer includes 20% off a Footlong Sub with the purchase of a Footlong Dipper and a Footlong Cookie. This offer will be available in restaurants for one week only.

World UFO Day was created to promote awareness by encouraging people to gather and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects.

According to the restaurant, "Subway UFO fans are truly getting an out-of-this-world deal."

A drone delivers Subway sandwiches in Frisco, Texas.
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