Stunt Bikers Who Shut Down Central Expressway Last Year to Return

Traffic brought to standstill when group blocked off Central Expressway for tribute to fallen motorcyclist

A group of sport bikers who unexpectedly shut down Central Expressway last year will be back in Dallas this weekend for an annual memorial event.

More than 75 motorcyclists brought traffic to a standstill along northbound U.S. Route 75 when rows of bikers formed a blockade across the highway to perform stunts.

"I was panicked," Theresa Bello said. “I think that what scared me the most is the lack of responsibility these people had."

The motorcyclists sprayed paint tributes to a fallen motorcyclist on the highway and performed tricks.

“One of them actually stood up on his seat and just about lost his balance, which was very frightening,” Bello said.

Dallas police used YouTube video of the blockage to identify and arrest two of the sport bikers on felony graffiti charges.

“The police department is aware of this date and has a plan in place to prevent a re-occurrence of the damage done on 75 last year," police said in a statement.

The department would not comment on what specific strategies or tactics police plan to use.

Bello said she isn't taking any chances this weekend.

“I will pick another route just to be on the safe side," she said.

According to online sites, the third annual memorial event will run Friday through Monday. The organizers have been very careful to not post any meeting sites or times so that the driving public and police will not know where to expect them.

“When you talk about this whole group of people coming back -- there are ways to honor someone who has passed away, but it doesn't need to be at the risk to yourself and everyone else,” Bello said.

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