Study Tracks Where We Spend Our Paychecks

For many North Texans, it feels like their paycheck is spent long before it ever makes its way to the bank. But, where does all your money go?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a study that serves as a snap shot into what Americans are spending their money on.

The Consumer Expenditure Survey breaks down spending into a number of categories including housing, entertainment, transportation and food.

The study found that the average American family makes $74,664 annually and they broke down the expenditures based on that figure.

Annual expenditures include:

• Housing: $18,886
• Transportation: $9,049
• Health care: $4,612
• Food: $7,203
• Alcoholic beverages: $484
• Clothing: $1,803.
• Entertainment: $2,913
• Education: $1,329
• Tobacco products: $337

Read full study here.

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