Students Research Unmarked Burial Site On Campus

Grand Prairie High School students are researching a site where three children were buried during the 1920s

An unmarked burial site on Grand Prairie Independent School District property is allowing students a chance to research and play a part in preserving local history.

The student council at Grand Prairie High School has been learning about a tragedy that occurred decades ago on their campus grounds.

"It's definitely an emotional thing to think about three children who passed away and then were buried on campus and then none of the students at the school really knew about it," said 12th grader Caitlin Baggott.

A community member contacted Grand Prairie ISD after getting information that an unmarked burial site has gone unnoticed in decades.

"We were told that it was the tram line that used to run through Grand Prairie, and it collided with the horse drawn carriage that the children were in," said Baggott.

Since finding out about this unmarked burial site students and staff members have been working to beautify this area, filling in the walkway and adding small statues in memory of the children.

"To be able to say that they did something great not just for the school but for the community and they're all from here, their parents are from here," said student council adviser Darla Walker.

Walker also said it's a real life history lesson that involves them personally as well as the rest of those who call Grand Prairie home.

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