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Students Perform Surgery On Sentences, Saving Their Test Scores

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Do you remember diagramming sentences in elementary school? Your teacher would have you chart out where the subject, object, and modifiers went.

Well, like so many things in school these days, teachers have gotten a bit more creative.

At Crowley Independent School District's Mary Harris Elementary in Fort Worth, teacher Felisha Fields first tried teaching sentence structures using the diagrams.

"I got my data back, it made me heartbroken. I dressed in black all day. I said 'oh you killed me,'" said Fields.

She took her students stumble and found inspiration to reach them differently.

The students are now surgeons and use glue and scissors to save a life. It's called sentence surgery. It's the same concept as diagramming but in a way that is more fun and easier for students to grasp.

The students will take a sentence fragment, and connect it with another, using conjunctions. They review the subjects and objects in the sentence and how it all works together.

Since adding the more creative way of slicing and dicing up words, student test scores have improved dramatically.

Students admit it has helped them write better papers, and get their thoughts across in a more clear fashion.

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