Students Help Dallas Harley-Davidson Dealership Compete in National Competition

Almost everyone who owns or rides has a passion about their bike.

At the Gilbreath-Reed Career Technical Center in Garland they're inspiring young people to harvest their interest in motorcycles and put it to good use.

“I passed by this class, I just looked in and saw they were working with engines and with their hands and I said I wanted to be in that class,” said student Raymond Tobias.

They typically tinker around with broken machinery and try to give it new life. Imagine their surprise when they come into class and find two brand new 2019 Harleys waiting for them.

“I was excited to work on a brand new Harley-Davidson, brand new off the dealership, to do stuff I've never done on other motorcycles it was pretty good experience wise,” student Diego Zambarano said.

It's all part of Harley's Battle of the Kings competition. The local dealers come up with a plan to take a stock bike and make it custom and unique, but they have to work with a school to make their dream a reality.

“We thought it was a great opportunity to get them inspired in motorcycles and drive their interest in building bikes,” said Mat Hormell, of Harley-Davidson of Dallas.

The students creations will be voted on by public to pick the best in America, and then each country will pick one for best in the world.

The students are so proud to be chosen to do the job and their teacher is just glad the students have the chance to see what a career in automotive repair can do.

“I spent my whole my life in a garage working with my Grandpa and my Dad,” said teacher Thomas Pablo. “A lot of their parents work long hours or two jobs, and this gives them an option to learn a little bit.”

These student know where their passion lies and to get the chance to compete in a competition like this has them beaming with pride.

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