#SomethingGood: Students Get Connected by Saying ‘Hello'

'Start with Hello' encourages students to connect with peers in simple, fun yet impactful ways

There's been "something good" going on this week in the Aledo Independent School District.

Students there have been learning to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness in their classrooms.

And, it starts with "hello!"

'Start with Hello' is a weeklong nationwide effort to encourage students to connect with peers in simple, fun yet impactful ways.

So, in the Aledo ISD, all students have been challenged to complete helpful acts, show kindness to others and make it a priority that no one eats or plays alone.

At one school, each student got a question card in third period. During lunch, they sat the table that corresponded to their number on the card. The questions sparked conversations and new friendships.

Student council members at McNally Intermediate School greet every student who walks into the building with a "hello! We are so happy you're here!"

The campaign ends Friday, but schools will do things throughout the year to keep up the connections.

"Aledo is growing greatness and making an effort to bring everyone together so that no one feels isolated or alone," said parent Christen Gullatt.

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