Students Discuss President Obama's Legacy

At a school in South Dallas, students are already discussing the legacy of President Barack Obama.

"We're here to turn young men into impactful leaders," said Principal Michael Bland.

Students said the images hanging on the walls give them reason to believe.

"Mr. Obama means hope to me," said freshman Alex Martinez. "Because I'm a minority. I'm a Latino."

"He leaves a legacy of inspiration," said senior Jamarcus Preston.

"I try to emulate myself after him," added senior Taylon Owens.

The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy opened six years ago. It's a Dallas Independent School District magnet campus for young men in grades six through 12.

"We are the first all-male, single-gender public school in the state of Texas," said Bland. "We happen to be named after the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama."

And being first comes with responsibility, said Bland.

"For many in the African-American community, the idea of having an African-American president in the United States seemed impossible," he said.

But Obama did it.

"I think of fearlessness," said Owens. "He could have easily not ran for president, knowing that no one before him of color has won."

And now these students know they can reach great heights, too.

"I believe that anything can happen with my future," added Martinez. "And I can shape my future into being whatever I make it."

"You just gotta persevere and keep going," said Preston. "Don't look back, and if you do look back, you look back to get advice and then go forward."

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