Students Build a Tiny House

Quitman High School students are getting a hands-on experience in their geometry class, building a tiny house.

"We not only learned geometry in a class, but we learned how it applies to the real world," says geometry teacher John Herring.

"We're putting up walls, cabinets, stuff like that, and just basically building the basic foundation for a house," says student Matthew Mclemore.

It has all the necessities of a home, in a 9' by 22' home.

"It will have a tiny stove, a kitchen, sink, it's got a bathroom, toilet, and a small shower stall," says Herring.

It also has two overhead lofts for sleeping.

The "tiny house" concept is growing in popularity.

"I think it's gotten to where that everybody just had too much and it's just time to cut back," says Herring. "They are a whole lot cheaper, and the portability of them, to move them around."

The students have been working on it since October.

"We have two class periods a day that we come out here and some days if it's raining we'll go inside and do geometry, then when it's sunny we'll come out here and work on it," says student Cody Frazier.

This is the second year they've done it, and they're already thinking about doing it again next year.

"We would like to partner with the agriculture shop next year and have them build us a trailer and we'll take the trailer and build a house on it so it will be completely mobile," says Herring.

The tiny house will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Herring says he expects it to sell for atleast $15,000.

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