Students at George H.W. Bush Elementary Get To Know Their Namesake

In a darkened auditorium, students at George H.W. Bush Elementary School in Addison watched the funeral for the 41st President on a big screen.

"I know he was brave," said 5th grader, Andrea Angeles. "Like, that must have been really difficult to get out of a crashing plane," 5th grader Dylan Lorenzo remarked.

All week, students have been learning more about the man behind their school's name.

"I hope they realize the severity of this day and what it means when a president passes away," said 5th grade teacher, Katelynne Folkers. "It's a huge part of history."

And it's not history they're reading about in books, but living, in real time.

"Yeah, rewinding back to just see who he was back when I didn't know him," said Lorenzo. "Better than a book, definitely!"

5th grade students from the school take a filed trip every spring to Bush 41's presidential library on Texas A&M's campus. Last year, they went on the day Barbara Bush passed away.

"Our College Station trip is just going to be so impactful for these guys after seeing and hearing all about him," said Folkers, who hopes students pick up more than a history lesson from George H.W. Bush. "How kind and gentle he was as President," Folkers said. "In this day, that's the most important lesson we can get to these kids."

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