Student Propped Open a Door at Grapevine HS Before Gun Was Reported on Campus Friday

District looking into why door sensor didn't alert staff it wasn't securely closed

Grapevine High School was locked down Friday, Dec. 13, 2019, after a student was reported to be on campus while armed. A gun was later found and one person was detained.
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Grapevine police say a student used an outdoor rug to "minimally prop open one of the doors to the cafeteria" at Grapevine High School before a non-student entered the building through the door on Friday -- the same day a gun was reported and found on campus.

"After attempting to enter the cafeteria through another set of doors, the non-student was able to enter the building through the minimally propped door," said Dr. Robin Ryan, superintendent of the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. "At this time, the investigation has not revealed there was a specific plan to cause harm; however, all individuals involved have been charged with terroristic threat because the image of a gun on campus posted on Snapchat caused an immediate reaction from law enforcement and the District."

A student reported seeing a photo on Snapchat where someone, who was apparently on campus, took a photo showing a gun stuck in their waistband. School officials ordered the building put on lock down and called in the police to search the campus.

Four students, including two 17-year-old boys, a juvenile boy and a juvenile girl, one of whom was not a student at the school, were taken into custody and are facing charges after a pistol was found in a student's backpack.

Grapevine police Friday said the four are facing charges of terroristic threat, criminal trespass, possession of a firearm in a school zone and possession of marijuana.

Officials did not say specifically what type of pistol was found, who was carrying it or if the weapon was loaded.

A person has been detained and a weapon secured after police were called to Grapevine High School Friday afternoon for a report that a student on campus was armed.

School administrators praised the student body Monday for their response to not only seeing the image on Snapchat but for their response to the lock down.

"I want to praise the students and staff at Grapevine High School. We conduct emergency drills frequently, and it was evident in the way that our Mustangs responded on Friday," Ryan said. "In a debrief with our emergency responders, Grapevine police also praised the staff for their quick action when the lock down was initiated. Teachers immediately got students and visitors into classrooms and behind locked doors in a matter of seconds."

"Specifically, we are grateful for the numerous students who saw something and said something, as well as the staff members whose coordinated efforts helped locate and apprehend the suspects," Ryan said.

Ryan added Monday that the district was looking into why a sensor on the door did not alert staff that the door was not securely closed.

School officials said counseling support made available on Friday and Monday would continue to be available to students at all GCISD campuses and that if students need support they should speak with a teacher about visiting with a counselor.

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