Student May be Trigger Man in Wild Shooting

Victim's truck riddled with bullet holes.

Miguel Saldivar almost didn't get to celebrate his 7th wedding anniversary.

Saldivar was heading home to surprise his wife, when he says a teenager wearing a school uniform opened fire on him.

”There's a bullet that went through,” he said pointing to his pick-up.

The husband and new father said he stopped right in front of a park on Cedar Springs and Hedgrerow to allow a group of about 5 students to cross the street.

Police said one of the students pulled a semi-automatic and for no apparent reason fired about 5 rounds. “Everybody started running, when they heard the shots, everybody started running everywhere,” Saldivar said. While Saldivar’s truck was riddled with bullets, he wasn’t hurt.

Police suspect the shooter was a middle school student at nearby T.J. Rusk.

The principal, who provided detectives with a yearbook, said the campus is equipped with metal detectors.

Saldivar said the student must be hiding the gun off campus. “If they don't catch this kid now, he will kill somebody, he will.”

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