Student Claims She Was Hit by Object Thrown by Teacher, DISD Reviewing Incident

A parent is calling for a Dallas teacher's job after she says her daughter was hit in the face with a pencil box in class.

NBC 5 is told incident happened Friday at L.G. Pinkston High School.

Marissa Nava says her seventh-grade science teacher at Pinkston High told the class right as soon as they entered the room that it had been a rough day.

"She said she was frustrated and her head was hurting, and she was going to try to make it through the day with us," said Nava.

As the lesson progressed, she said some students started talking.

"We were taking notes. The class started talking. She didn't say anything. I looked up to get the notes off the board. I looked back down and then she threw the pencil box," said Nava.

Nava says, without warning, she looked up and the object hit her above the eye.

"It was a pencil box. The thick one for like the crayons and pencils and scissors," she said.

She said it had been thrown by the teacher. Nava said she left the class and called her mom.

Nava's mother, Betty Garcia, said she immediately drove to the school after hearing what happened.

She was met by the principal and her daughter who, by that time, had a bruise above her left eye.

"What kind of professional teacher does that? You signed up for this job," said Garcia.

Garcia tells us the principal apologized for what happened and asked Garcia to remain calm.

"And I said 'ok I am calm. But I do want the DISD police in here because I am going to press assault charges,'" she said. "If you're upset and you can't handle the day, ok call the principal. 'I need a sub in here, my body is overwhelmed, I'm tired and I need to go.' Not just pick up something and chuck it."

Garcia said, shortly after the incident, she received a voice message from her daughter's teacher.

In the voicemail played back for NBC 5, a woman is heard leaving this message:

"This is Marissa's science teacher. I'm calling because I need to apologize for something that happened in class today, and I'm expecting you to be very upset and you should be. But I'm just calling to apologize and discuss with you what happened."

A spokesperson with the district tells us the administration is reviewing the incident. This district had no addition information to share.

Garcia said she is not satisfied.

"Honestly, I want her fired because no one's child should go through this."

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