String of Carjackings Linked To One Suspect

Man arrested after police chase

A man Dallas police identified as a suspect in a string of Mockingbird area carjackings has served time for past thefts in the area, authorities said.

Marl Jerome Alexander, 36,was arrested Monday night after he threatened a woman with a knife and took her car outside a coin-operated laundry located off Mockingbird Lane, police said. 

Officers spotted Alexander driving the stolen vehicle and spiked its tires when he refused to stop, police said. 

Police said Alexander has confessed to several previous carjackings that have taken place in the same area.

Alexander has spent much of his life locked up on drug and petty theft charges and had been arrested previously for thefts inside stores in the area of the carjackings, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Police said they believe the Oak Cliff resident used public transportation to get to the area. Investigators said they found some of the stolen cars stripped in southern Dallas. 

He was booked into the Dallas County Jail on charges of aggravated robbery and evading arrest. His bail has been set $115,000. Police have filed charges in three of the carjackings but police said they could link him to at least five more.

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