Street Name Debate Could End at Dallas City Hall

Industrial Boulevard and Ross Avenue in Dallas were almost re-named Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Almost.

Young Street, a stretch of road that cuts though downtown Dallas, is now on the shortlist to be renamed for labor leader Cesar Chavez.

City officials confirm that Young Street is an option, but still has to go through the proper channels to be officially renamed.

"This is not a done deal. It's just the latest stretch of road up for discussion," said Frank Librio, a spokesman for the City of Dallas.

"It was part of our original proposals of streets to Mayor and the city council," said Alberto Ruiz, an activist with the Cesar Chavez Task Force.

The group has battled with city leaders to get a street renamed for Chavez, but Ruiz said the group is pleased with the proposed new location.

"The important thing is that the council and the (the) mayor agree and the residents of Dallas agree on a location for this street and that we do it in a fair amount of time," Ruiz added.

Young Street only stretches about a mile, but passes by Pioneer Plaza, the new convention center hotel, and the Dallas Morning News.

"It passes in front of City Hall and in front of the public library, you know, very important locations," Ruiz said.

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