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Strangers Send Encouraging Notes to Older Adults by Mail During Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has forced so many people into isolation.

That is especially true for people living in assisted living communities, nursing homes and retirement communities.

Buckner Retirement Services wanted to make sure their residents were not forgotten during this time.

In March, the senior living communities had to restrict access to visitors in the interest of safety for the residents. So, Buckner called on Texans and people from across the country, to send encouraging notes to the residents.

The request yielded more than 1,000 pieces of mail that were distributed to residents in six communities across Texas and a few in other states.

Buckner International
A resident at a Buckner Retirement Services retirement community in Texas showcases letter of encouragement she received.

“The number of letters and amount of other mail we have seen since March is overwhelming,” said Charlie Wilson, senior vice president of Buckner Retirement Services. “With so many people standing behind the Buckner mission to inspire happiness, there is even more positivity in the air of our communities. I am excited to see the smiles of residents and employees as they continue receiving letters of support during a time of limited physical interactions.”

One of the letters sent to Ventana by Buckner in Dallas was from a young man Thenamed Matthew, who is with the Young Men’s Service League (Cities by the Lake Chapter).

Buckner International
Letter sent to a resident at a retirement community in Dallas.

"His chapter sent several dozen letters and cards to Ventana, and Matthew’s letters really stood out because of the illustrations," said Christopher Ruth with Buckner International.

Buckner communities say they have made sure the mail is distributed safely by isolating incoming mail for a minimum of 48 hours and receipt of the mail will continue to be completely optional for residents.

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