Holley Ford

Story Behind Dog Carrying Bag of Food After Harvey Hit

A clever canine captured the attention of the internet in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

A viral picture shows Otis carrying a bag of dog food down the street in Sinton after the storm blew through.

But the photo doesn't tell the whole picture.

Turns out Otis, admired for his apparent resourcefulness, is a looter.

His family says the dog bolted during the storm, heading for a lumber yard, one he frequents in his travels around town.

And one which just so happens to have a bag of dog food employees keep on hand, just for Otis.

"But he knew where they kept that bag behind the ice machine, so he went back there and he spotted it and he said, 'well, everybody else is taking provisions, so I'm going to take my provisions.' So he picked it up and brought it over here," said Salvador Segovia, Otis' owner. "And that's where everyone saw him coming down the road with a big bag of dog food."

Otis is safe and sound with his family.

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