Storms May Force Dallas Church to Move

New Beginning Covenant Ministries faced some big challenges after last Thursday's severe storms, suffering damage inside and out.  Assistant Pastor Keyven Lewis says since its inception five years ago, the church has been in the perfect spot.

"Just the fact that it's on a corner [Westmoreland and Canada intersection], it's on a major road,” explained Lewis. “People say, ‘I saw this church and I stopped in at this church,’ so that tells us, and reaffirms to us, that God put us in a place where we can be able to serve and help others." 

But the church may have to move.  The building, which the church doesn't own, is now in really bad shape and while their equipment inside is insured, the not-quite-dried-out building is not.

The National Weather Service inspected the building and decided straight line winds, not a tornado damaged the church.

Sunday services in the back lot went off not without a hitch but with the help of one.  New Vision Ministry, of Tool, donated the use of their trailer for a stage along with sound equipment.

"That's what we're supposed to do as Christians,” said Mark Smith, of New Vision Ministry.  “When the Lord speaks to you to do something, we need to do it and when there's a need we need to fill that need."

The 130-member congregation has plenty of other needs.  It has no place to hold its Wednesday night Bible study or Thursday night Financial Peace University class.  Congregants said they're sure things will work out.

"It would be nice if we could get it fixed up but regardless of where we're at we're all going to be together and we're still going to have church wherever,” said church member Valita Watson.  

“If we have to go to another building we're all going to be as one and just one big happy family."

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