Storm Tracker Heads to New Orleans

For 10 years, Tim Marshall has chased down storms

NBC 5 storm tracker Tim Marshall is heading to New Orleans to monitor Tropical Storm Isaac.

"The storm is supposed to move about a 100 or 200 miles within a 24-hour period, so it's going to lay down rain after rain," Marshall said.

As a storm damage assessment expert, Marshall is the person who runs into a storm, not away from it. He's witnessed and recorded Mother Nature's fury, from Hurricane Katrina to April's tornadoes.

Now Marshall is heading down with his driver, Sean McQuinn, to get as close as he can to the eye of storm. The two are traveling with extra fuel, coolers with dry ice and technology geared to tracking the storm's every move.

With storms such as Isaac, power outages are inevitable presenting a problem for meteorologists examining the anatomy of the storm.

However, Marshall is prepared.

"We have portable, battery-operated devices that we put out, and the hurricanes comes and hits those, and we last about 17 hours on battery power, and that's how we can get a reading," Marshall said.

Marshall will be joining a team of scientists from the Center for Severe Weather Research.

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