Store Owner Shoots Back During Robbery Attempt

Como neighborhood hails store owner's heroic actions

When armed robbers attempted to hold-up the owner of a 99-cent store in west Fort Worth they were met with return gunfire from the store owner and a shootout erupted.

There were no injuries.

The store owner says he will continue to fight back and the folks in his neighborhood are cheering him on. His family of course is still shaken up by what happened. So we agreed not to give his name.

"So you shot back?" a customer asks.

"Of course! They wanted to kill me man!" the store owner replies.

He may want to remain anonymous but the folks in this Como neighborhood he's already being held in high regard.

"I'm proud of him but that was a dangerous thing to do but your alive." says regular customer Zsa Zsa Welch.

It was around 8:30 Thursday night when three armed robbers shot out the glass on the front door of his 99-cent store with a shotgun with the intent to take all of his money. The store is located near Camp Bowie in the 57-hundred block of Lovell. 

"And I'm facing a gun a big shotgun and another gun and three people."

But the 38-year old store owner grabbed his own gun and started shooting back. The robbers managed to get away, but empty-handed. The store owner vows to keep up his vigilant stance.

"I will continue to fight back to put food on the table for my family.  Anybody come to rob me and mess with me I will kill him."

No doubt these would-be robbers now know that this store owner isn't making idle threats. And he certainly has the support of his loyal customers

"I'm concerned because he's family... He's in my family." Welch adds.

 The store owner says he had less than 200-dollars in the register.It will cost 400-dollars to replace the glass on his door.

And at this time he says he doesn't know where that money is going to come from.

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