Stoney Kersh Takes Cowboys Super Fan To New Level

There are sports super fans, and then, there’s Stoney Kersh.

He has tricked out rides in his driveway including ones named after Emmitt Smith and Mel Renfro.

Underneath his football field-themed back patio there are two seats from Texas stadium, which make the perfect setting for our interview.

“So Stoney, I think that you’re the biggest Cowboys fan ever?” “No, I wouldn’t say the biggest,” said Kersh.

As you walk into his house, which is 1.6 miles away from AT&T Stadium, the entry way is covered in turf and everywhere you look is neatly organized Cowboys gear.

“So every square inch of your house pretty much, is covered in Cowboys' collectibles?” “Yes Ma’am. It’s a life-long collection,” he said.

He started when he was four, and for the last 45 years he’s worked to hunt down unique Cowboys items.

“Just stuff that you don’t find every day is stuff I like the most,” said Kersh.

The first example is seemingly identical boxed Cowboys games that are perfectly spaced on a shelf closest to the ceiling.

“They look like they’re the same, but they’re all three different. The boxes are different,” said Kersh, pointing out that the font and spacing on the games' titles are slightly different.

Then there’s the wall of bobble heads.

“I always ask them if we’re going to the Super Bowl, and they all say ‘yes,’” said Kersh, while giving the enclosed-glass shelf a slight shake to move their heads.

Near his kitchen, which is mostly dedicated to Emmitt Smith, there are several bobble heads standing three feet tall.

“These are number two out of 50 in the world, so, they’re pretty rare pieces,” said Kersh.

There’s also the re-purposed medical dispenser.

“I call it the Dallas Cowboy football card dispenser,” said Kersh.

He doesn’t know how many items he owns. However, “I can remember where I got every piece.”

He found most of the items in garage sales and flea markets. He even found a star helmet at a junk yard.

“I was like ‘heck ya, I’m going to get this autographed by somebody,” said Kersh with laughter.

There’s so much to see inside his meticulous home, you could spend an entire day just looking around.

NBC 5 asked him if it ever got overwhelmed keeping everything organized.

“No, it doesn’t, it doesn’t because that’s my passion. That’s my hobby, it’s what I love to do,” said Kersh.

He and his wife offer tours to other dedicated Cowboys’ fans. He saves his garage for the grand finale.

“This is my idea of a Dallas Cowboys city,” said Kersh.

At the touch of a button, a mini Jerry World lowers down from the ceiling.

It has Cowboys train cars and vehicles circling a customized stadium, three miniature jets and a Cowboys blimp fly overhead. A flag even waves while playing the national anthem.

With countless hours dedicated to every detail of the Cowboys, why does he do it?

“Just to see people smile and go ‘wow,’ makes it all worth it to me," said Kersh.

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