N. Texas Region Gets $576M in Federal Funds for Roads

More than 1,000 jobs already created

Don't be surprised if you spot a lot more orange cones lining North Texas roads this summer.

Remember the federal stimulus package that was supposed to kick-start the economy? Well, millions of $$$ from it are finally starting to pour into North Texas.

"We have $576 million that has been allocated to the North Texas region," says TxDOT's Kelli Petras. "So there's still a lot more progress to come in the coming months."

About $132 million of that is already being spent, creating more 1074 federal stimulus construction jobs. Nineteen of them are in Cedar Hill, where construction workers are improving the intersection and installing a traffic light at 1382 and Straus Road.

"It's keeping a lot of these guys busy, it's keeping me busy," said Pete Guevara, who drives for his father's Rockwall County trucking company. "It's keeping the money rolling, keeping food on the table and that's the way it's got to be."

The Cedar Hill project will cost $1.3 million.

"I'm really glad they're getting it all straightened out, cause we need to road straightened out for sure," said Tommy Blake, who owns the insurance agency right at the corner. "As long as it opens up and brings more business to the area, we're in favor of it."

But others don't think the federal stimulus money is being well spent.

"The problem with using stimulus money this way, is this is a short term project and our nation needs long-term jobs," said Karen McLean, a Cedar Hill visitor.

More than half the highway money in the stimulus package for Texas has already been allocated, more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

"I feel lucky 'cause it's a good job," said construction worker Ramon Sanchez.

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