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Still Searching: Family of Typhenie Johnson Ups Reward for Missing Woman to $20,000

The family of a Fort Worth woman last seen more than three years ago continues to search for her and has upped a cash reward for answers.

Typhenie Johnson was last seen outside the Post Oak East Apartments on Tristan Lane in East Fort Worth on Oct. 10, 2016. Her ex-boyfriend Christopher Revill was convicted for kidnapping Johnson in August 2019 and sentenced to life in prison.

However, Johnson has not been found.

Countless search parties have been held since Johnson's disappearance as volunteers help her family search for any clues that might explain what happened, including Saturday. Johnson's mother, Deborah Johnson-Strub, said their family is now offering a $20,000 cash reward for her daughter's confirmed location.

"It's heart-wrenching. You have an empty place in your heart. I mean, your heart grows bigger with everybody that comes and helps with the searches, but there's always that spot," Johnson-Strub said Saturday. "I've talked to a few mothers that have had their children missing, and it's an awful feeling to know what they're going through."

Johnson-Strub lives in South Dakota, but said she has been in North Texas more often in the past few months. Search parties have gotten smaller throughout the years, and despite not finding anything she feels could lead authorities to where her daughter is, she said she will never give up.

"Life shouldn't have to be like this. No one should have to do this," Johnson-Strub said. "We've got to have closure one way or another. Just got to get her home."

Some volunteers, like Jana Gibson, have been to almost every search party. A resident of Little Elm, Gibson said she never met Johnson, but heard about her story from another friend.

"It's my way of giving back. She's become like one of my daughters even though I've never met her," Gibson said. "It could have happened to one of my daughters. Her age is right in between my girls. She could have been one of my girls."

Johnson-Strub urged people to join the Facebook group "Bring Typhenie Johnson Home" dedicated to finding her daughter, as more volunteers are needed for future search parties.

A tip line has been set up and can be reached at via text or phone at 817-713-2888. Neither the reward or tip-line are associated with law enforcement, Johnson-Strub said.

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