Still No Details in Home Explosion Deemed Possibly ‘Intentional'

Injured family recovering as the investigation into explosion continues with ATF, Plano bomb squad

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Investigators in Plano continued to comb over the pile of rubble left behind after a house exploded Monday afternoon.

Plano Police, Fire, and Atmos officials announced Wednesday that investigators believe the isolated natural gas explosion may have been intentional but gave no further details.

The ATF and Plano bomb squad were called to the scene to help in the investigation.

As investigators poured over a pile of rubble left of the house on Cleveland Drive, donations have been piling up to help the Jagielski family who lives next door.

Jenn and Philip Jagielski were badly injured protecting their little boys from the blast. Donations have been pouring in to help the family recover.

There’s a GoFundMe set up and close family friend Mae Reedy is collecting food, clothes, toiletries, and toys at her home that will go to the family and neighbors affected.

Residents are navigating what's next after a home explosion in Plano on Monday injured several people, flattened a house and damaged several other homes around it.
Residents are navigating what's next after a home explosion in Plano on Monday injured several people, flattened a house, and damaged several other homes around it.

“The family is doing surprisingly well,” she said. “Dad is still in the hospital. He’s got a road ahead of him with the injuries he sustained.”

Jagielski is still in the hospital and is listed in "good condition."

Reedy said they are remaining cautious about the investigation’s findings so far, especially that the explosion may have been intentional.

“We were all obviously very shocked by that news,” she said. “But with clarification, can mean several things, it could even mean an accident with the gas line within the home. We’re still waiting to see what information develops from that.”

Criminologist Alex del Carmen at Tarleton State University is also cautious but is certain investigators have not just been digging up the site of the explosion, but they’ve also likely gone through phone and bank records and interviewed friends and family of everyone involved.

Investigators went door to door talking to neighbors on Thursday.

“I’m sure that someone said something to them or some information was revealed to the police department that may have been so powerful and so interesting to them that they not only did they change the story, but they also are looking at it from a different lens.”

Reedy said the couple has decided to share the donations that are being raised with their affected neighbors as well as first responders, especially the firefighter who comforted one of their sons after the explosion.

“Her and her husband have decided that all of the excess, which there is plenty, we want to make sure that that gets to the neighbors who have also been impacted,” said Reedy.

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