Marc Fein

STEM Students Help 3-Year-Old Boy in Physical Therapy

Science, technology, engineering and math: We've all been told how important it is for our kids. 

In Addison, there are STEM students at Trinity Christian Academy already using their skills to help others. Specifically a 3-year-old boy with his physical therapy.

Micah Kwok deals with hydrocephalus — excess fluid on the brain and a cortical visual impairment — and two groups of seniors have created tools to help him through physical therapy. The students designed a station that can mount toys and books at eye level.

Ryan Rogers said it went from a school project to a real calling.

“It's a great feeling," he said. "It's one thing to make something for yourself, but when the thing that you build actually improves the quality of life for someone else, it's an even better feeling."

The groups made their final presentations to Micah's family this week. And yes, they groups all got an A on their projects.

All of the seniors who worked on the projects are headed into engineering programs in college next year.

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