Statler Hotel Prepares Thanksgiving Meal for Veterans, First Responders

Veterans and first responders received a special "thank you" from the Statler Hotel in Downtown Dallas, which prepared and hosted a Thanksgiving meal Thursday.

"I can't explain or draw out what it does mean. Because it's recognizing somebody that they did something for their country," one veteran said.

It's the second year the hotel has hosted the meal, which feeds between 600 and 800 people.

"You'll see a lot of fellowship, a lot of camaraderie when they come in and talk, sit down and exchange stories," executive chef Ryan Carbery said.

For many veterans, away from family, it was a chance to not just get a Thanksgiving meal, but also enjoy the company of others.

"This is giving them the opportunity, you don't have to do the meal yourself, come and enjoy and partake in the community," veteran Ranae Kellun said.

In addition to the meals served at the Statler, Carbery said meals were also delivered to first responders in Dallas.

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