Kevin Young

Statistics Professor Explains Powerball Winning Odds

Don't be too disappointed if you don't have the winning Powerball ticket – after all, your chances of winning are 292.2 million to one.

David Andrews, an assistant professor of statistics at the University of Dallas, said that's like drawing four-of-a-kind in poker, shuffling the deck, and immediately drawing four-of-a-kind a second time.

"Even one is really unusual. It's not never, it never comes up – well, not never – but very rarely, very rarely," said Andrews.

Even with 440 million tickets sold for last Saturday's Powerball drawing, Andrews said he wasn't surprised no one held the winning combination of numbers, saying there was still a one-in-four chance no one would win last weekend.

"This is just one of those times when it's gone a couple of rounds without a winner," he said.

But for Wednesday night's drawing, the chances of a winning tickets are pretty high.

"I'm thinking around a 95 chance that somebody will (win)," said Andrews. "I'll be very surprised tonight if nobody wins."

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