State's Largest Solar Array Now in Tarrant County

Tarrant Regional Water District goes green

The Tarrant Regional Water District is going green with more than just water conservation.

Employees just moved into a new 26,000-square-foot building. From the front row parking spots reserved for carpool/fuel efficient vehicles to the lights that turn off at quitting time, everything in the building promotes the environment.

The most impressive feature is the solar array on the rooftop. With nearly 1,200 panels, it's the largest in Texas and will produce more than 315,000 kilowatt hours every year.

"It's a grid-tied system, so if it's a cloudy day, then the grid will bring in electricity, and if it's a weekend when no one is here, then we put electricity back on to the grid," explains Laura Blaylock, Tarrant Regional Water District.

The solar array system cost $1.4 million and will pay for itself in 17 years.

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