State Representative Rafael Anchia Raises Concerns Over Dallas Police Response Time

The Dallas Police Department is investigating concerns about response time made by a lawmaker from Dallas.

State Representative Rafael Anchia tweeted a picture Saturday night of the car he says was driven by a wrong way drunk driver on Douglas Avenue.

Anchia went on to say he called 911 but no Dallas police officers had responded after an hour and he hoped others were not hurt by the driver.

Anchia then tweeted that he called Dallas police 911 again and was told an officer was almost on the scene but that the call taker hung up on him before he could finish his sentence.

Sunday evening, Anchia tweeted he's working with Dallas police to analyze the break down and make sure the drunk driver doesn't hurt anyone.

Dallas Police Department released the following statement Sunday night:

"The Dallas Police Department is currently reviewing Mr. Rafael Anchia's hit and run incident to ensure that all Communications Procedures were followed.

The Dallas Police Department will make every effort to mitigate incidents in the most efficient manner, so that the quality of service and timeliness of response meet or exceed the expectations of the public."

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