State-of-the-Art Public Library Opens in Downtown Arlington

Arlington is giving people one more reason to stay indoors this summer.

Saturday, the city's new $30 million, state-of-the-art public library opened for the first time.

It's taking trips to the library to the next level.

Besides books and computers, it features a genealogy room, a butterfly garden, a shop for sewing and knitting and a room full of 3-D printers, drawing the library into the digital age.

"[Technology] connects people for sure, but it also disconnects people in the human connection and so libraries are a space that allow that now so people can come," said Yoko Matsumoto, Arlington’s Director of Libraries.

The library is three stories tall. The first floor is for elementary-aged children, the second is for adolescents and the third is for adults.

Read more about the new Downtown Library here.

Events and programs continue Sunday for Father's Day.

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