State Funds Earmarked for I-35E Expansion

TxDOT reveals plans to help I-35E fund expansion project


The expansion of Interstate 35E is one step closer to getting started.

State transportation officials said this week they would come up with money to help fund the project. Plans for the expansion have been well under way, but funding has been an issue.

"What we are excited about right now is -- I cannot report to you a specific dollar amount because I don't know a specific dollar at this point in time -- but we have been advised by TxDOT that there are additional funds that are coming form TxDOT and the federal government for this project," Denton County Judge Mary Horn said.

Denton County has already raised some money for the project.

"It's going to be a 28-mile stretch all the way from George Bush Turnpike in Dallas and to U.S. Highway 380, which is just north of city of Denton," Horn said.

Horn said the project would widen the road to eight regular lanes and four tolled HOV lanes. It would also expand the service roads.

The need to expand I-35E is no secret. Texas lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1420, which created a committee made up of state and local leaders to come up with an expansion plan.

Commuter Robert Persons said the project is long overdue.

"Not only on the work days, but on the weekends, traffic is backed up because two lanes just don't work for a major interstate," he said.

The 1420 committee will meet Friday at the Denton City Hall to talk about the funding developments and plans for project construction.

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