State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas Youth Livestock Show Must Go On

The State Fair of Texas is canceled this year, but youth still have a chance to show their livestock

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This week is usually the start of the State Fair of Texas, and while the pandemic may have canceled the fun, the fair called "an audible" to put on the youth stock show.

In a livestock barn in Fair Park, the sound of 'bah' echoed across the aisles.

"We're really excited because we are hosting our Youth Market Week," Senior Vice President of Livestock and Agriculture Daryl Real said. "It's what we do!"

The COVID-19 pandemic led the State Fair of Texas to cancel the fair, but they've called an audible to allow young people to show their livestock projects.

"This is Peyton Manning right here," Gentri Phillips said as she pet her medium wool market lamb. "His (ear tag) number was Peyton Manning's number, so that's how he got named."

The Youth Livestock Market Show is usually five days. This year, it's spread over 10 days to allow for social distancing.

"A lot of these kids, their county shows across the state had to be canceled so they didn't get to participate," Real said. "I think it's good to learn that life is always going to throw you a curveball. It's what you do with that and how you respond to it that builds your character and makes you who you are."

Participants have to keep their distance from others and wear masks at all times.

"It's hard having to show in a mask, but I'll get through it," Phillips said. "It's something I have to deal with since I love to show."

On Wednesday, youth with market lambs were getting settled in the barn for their show on Thursday. Raising the animals costs money. Livestock shows help them recoup the cost, or even make money from lambs like Peyton Manning.

"He's great," Phillips said. "It's good if you don't leave with your animal."

The revised Youth Livestock Market Show categories include: market steers, market barrows, market lambs, market goats, and market broilers.

The Youth Livestock Auction Sale of Champions is scheduled for Friday, October 2.

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