Starving Horses, Donkeys Seized in Kaufman County

The SPCA of Texas seized eight starving animals from two Kaufman County properties Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

The SPCA seized one starving, emaciated horse Wednesday night that was found astray in Terrell.  The police contacted the owner and told him the horse needed to see a vet immediately.  The owner said he would pick up the horse, but never came.  The police turned the horse over to the SPCA.

The horse's owner may face charges.

On Thursday morning, the SPCA seized five horses and two donkeys from a residence in Kemp.  The animals were all abandoned, without appropriate food, water or care.  Four of the horses are underweight and one is emaciated.

The SPCA seized the animals under the authority of the Kaufman County Sheriff's Department.  The donkeys are in fair condition.

Neighbors reported that the property owners had moved out some time ago and had not been seen caring for the horses since their departure.

An SPCA of Texas investigator left a tags on the front gate on separate visits, asking the animal owners to contact them regarding the animals welfare.

Eventually the SPCA visited the property with a sheriff's deputy who agreed the animals should be seized immediately. The animals were all transported to the SPCA of Texas' Perry Animal Care Center at 8411 Stacy Road in McKinney.

"There is no excuse for abandoning your livestock animals," said Art Muñoz, Senior Investigator for the SPCA of Texas. "Ask friends and neighbors for help, ask your veterinarian, ask your local law enforcement or call the SPCA of Texas for possible resources if you are no longer able to care for your animals."

The animals will remain under the care of the SPCA until custody hearings can be held.

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