Start Writing Your Post-Recession Plan

Now is the time to create a post-recession plan for your life, says executive coach Susan Steinbrecher.

"You have a huge advantage right now, don't wait 'till the end, " Steinbrecher said. "Now's the time to be looking at that so that you're perfectly positioned for when we come out at the other end of this -- and we will."

Steinbrecher advises people to start by writing down personal goals, and also urges people to network. On the job, do your best work to avoid layoffs and secure your position later.

She also recommends you also start planning how to work your way back up the ladder if you are among those who lost a promotion or had salaries cut during this recession.

She said this is a good time to start thinking of what you'll say to your boss when you ask if your salary can be restored, or if there will be new opportunities for advancement.

"A lot of organizations are really concerned that when the recession comes back, there'll be the mass exodus out, and they're going to lose their top talent," Steinbrecher said. "So when you know you're the top talent, have the conversation with your boss, but do it in a very professional way."

Theresa Cieminski, a Hurst mother, said her post-recession plan includes plotting ways to build her businesses. Cieminski is a performer and a vocal coach. To make more money while exploring her creative side, she has become a face painter, too.

"It's really a creative outlet for me," she said. "I enjoy it, the kids enjoy it, (and) it puts a smile on everybody's face."

Steinbrecher said Cieminski is on the right track.

"I'm not going to get stuck," Cieminski said. "I refuse to do that. I'm going to look to the future."

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